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A prior authorization by the Brazilian Film Agency (ANCINE) is required for all foreign movie production projects within Brazil. All kinds of audiovisual productions are included in this rule: commercials, documentaries and institutional videos. The only exception being news productions, which do not require any prior authorization.

Under this rule any foreign production is required to partner with a local production company, which will be responsible for obtaining the ANCINE authorization for the shoot. The foreign and the local production companies must sign a production agreement, whereby the local production agrees to perform a number of services locally, including obtaining the ANCINE permit.

The ANCINE authorization is most important when the foreign production company intends to bring a large amount of filming/sound recording equipment into Brazil. This equipment will not clear Brazilian Customs without the ANCINE permit.

With such permit in hand, the international crew is able to obtain a business visa to shoot in the country from the nearest Brazilian Consulate.

Story Productions is a Brazilian production company, registered with ANCINE and has a long history of working with international production companies of various nationalities, helping them to meet all of the ANCINE requirements and allowing them to successfully move ahead with their production projects in Brazil.

Projects assisted by Story Productions in 2014-2015 include:

  • Episode of “Food Paradise International”, a Travel Channel series (partnership with Loud TV, USA);
  • Episodes of “House Hunters International, a Home and Garden Television Network Series” (partnership with Leopard USA); 
  • Episode of Chefs Film Brazil – Unilever (partnership with VCCP KIN, UK);
  • “My first Amazon Adventure” – Vodaphone (partnership with Mediadante, Qatar);
  • “BP at its best” – British Petroleum (partnership with BP-TV, UK);

 among others.

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